At Swasth capsule, we are committed to improving the health care system.

To deliver International Class healthcare to patients from all walks of life with emphasis on quality medicare through  a website committed to the highest standards of medical & service excellence, patient care, scientific knowledge and medical education.
As a recognized leader in the health and well-being industry, we strive to:

  • Improve the quality and effectiveness of health care for all
  • Enhance access to health benefits
  • Create products and services that make health care more affordable
  • Use technology to make the health care system easier to navigate
  • Doctor & health care facility just a click away from you
  • Complete information and tips for your health & wellness
  • Cheap & best treatment availability (Medical Tourism) across the country

We deliver health care information to you through  Swasth capsule’s nationwide network which include  Physicians, Orthopaedicians, Surgeons, Dentists, Cardiologists, Oncologists, ENT (Eyes,Nose and Throat) Sspecialists, Trauma and health care professionals at  renowned hospitals. We also provide our members best medical facilities & medicines through attractive discount.

Our Projects

SWASTHYA CAPSULE  is a  non-profit humanitarian organization who works with a support of a number of humanitarian projects in rural India and elsewhere in the Globe. Some of the projects that we actively fund and support are: -

  • Balashram: A fully functional residential school for extremely poor and impoverished in rural Orissa, India, that provides a serene and healthy environment for the overall development of young minds
  • Health Care: A number of charitable permanent health centers and mobile clinics are operated by HIH USA in rural Orissa and Bengal in India, providing much needed health care to people who can least afford it.
  • Medical Outreach: Heath camps and seminars are routinely organized in far flung centers making people aware of burning health issues
  • Emergency relief: Reach out during natural catastrophes and provide emergency relief in the form of food, medical support and money in different regions across the globe

Today our health and educational projects benefit countless poor in the far flung regions of India and we are slowly spreading our activities with your generous support to create further amenities for better serving the poor and the underprivileged of this world.


Health Intel Asia is the culmination of five years of work by a lot of very talented people. In early 2009, Damjan DeNoble and James Flanagan founded Asia Healthcare Blog. At the time the blog was meant to be a showcase of the market assessment work that Damjan and James were doing for Chinese hospitals wishing to build so-called ‘VIP’ wings to attract clientele able to pay with cash and private insurance.

While that early effort, though successful, quickly gave way to other projects, Asia Healthcare Blog continued to grow, owing to it being the only English-language website dedicated to the business and policy of healthcare, in Asia.

As our stable of posts grew, we started attracting better and better writers, culminating in writers like Lua Wilkinson, who has been published in the Atlantic for her work on air pollution in China, and Bradley Hoathe, who’s writings on China’s hukou system’s impact on migrant workers’ health have won wide acclaim.

Then, with arrival of Benjamin Shobert, in early 2011, who Damjan met in Seattle, where Damjan was working as a summer law associate at Harris & Moure, pllc, the law office responsible for the eminent China Law Blog, the blog became something different all together. It became a recognized leader in the coverage of the senior care, home healthcare and hospital industries, in China.

Benjamin and Damjan became official partners, working under the Rubicon Strategy Group, LLC umbrella. Health Intel Asia is the result of their combined efforts, built on top of their combined expertise, and on the back of the search engine and popular success of Asia Healthcare Blog. It is owned and operated by Health Intelligence Asia, LLC, a Michigan company.

All products sold on the site our fully backed by Health Intelligence Asia, LLC, as well as the reputations of the its owners.